privacy in a digital age

paper must have a thesis with 3 points. 3 body paragraphs. and a ending paragraph restating the 3 thesis points. Can’t be about how social media takes away from our privacy but maybe something about the government, how privacy is a right.
Due by FRIDAY, 5-11
1000-1200 words.
Compare and/or contrast any substantial aspects of privacy in a digital age.
You were previously tasked with reading the provided articles as well as discussing the implications and ramifications of privacy rights in the digital age.

  • Do not write some simplistic “book report” on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.  Contact the instructor with any questions.
  • Look for things—aspects—such as rights, responsibilities, arguments, liabilities, rewards/benefits, drawbacks, costs,
    • In other words, key terms used in the articles are your clues to things that may be compared or contrasted.

Follow the rhetorical mode described in ch. 13, essentially
comparing things that may seem different but are alike
contrasting things that may seem alike but are different.
The key is to use, as the textbook explained:

  1. a) one of the two methodsalternating or block — as illustrated in chapter 13.
  2. b) logical basis — e., a serious and substantive rule of “3.”

Caution: Either the alternating or the block method must be used
for a compare / contrast essay.
Check your submission against each of the Seven Keys before submitting.
Especially, do not let poor punctuation and grammar go uncorrected.  If necessary–especially this time–find a proofreader to check your paper.

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