Program Design and Evaluation

Acme Behavioral Consultation, Inc. has another new client. This time, you are asked to join a team of consultants who have been working with GlobalEd Charter school. GlobalEd is a for-profit organization in Washington, D.C. serving a diverse group of students, culturally and economically. GlobalEd president has reported that behavior incidents have increased since the beginning of the school year in all classes. The president has been lobbying the board for the last two years to develop a behavior management services unit at the school. In addition, she believes that the staff require additional training on cultural sensitivity and multicultural issues. She insists that this unit is now a critical need.
Your Acme Behavioral Consultation, Inc. supervisor developed the following list of interventions based on the planning process to this point:
● The creation of a small behavior management division
● The development of appropriate training in multicultural issues
Now it is time to identify objectives for these interventions. Identify one possible objective for each of the interventions listed. When developing your objectives remember to think about the important parts of each intervention (process) and the steps needed to develop each. In addition, consider the ideal outcomes to be accomplished. Remember all objectives should have these five components (listed on p. 134 of your text):
1. Time frame
2. Target of the change
3. Products (process) or results (outcomes) to be achieved
4. Criteria by which the products or results will be documented, monitored, or measured
5. Responsibility for implementing and measuring achievement of objective
Each objective should combine each of these components into a few clear and concise sentences.

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