project requires that I identify an area that needs improvement at my current place of practice

I am a registered nurse completing my Bachelor Degree in nursing (BSN). This project requires that I identify an area that needs improvement at my current place of practice. I then need to create a project proposal in which I use evidence-based research to support changes that I want to implement to achieve a goal. The title that I chose is HOSPITAL ACQUIRED INFECTION (NOSOCOMIAL INFECTION). It would be nice if this focuses on patients in the ICU setting, but this is not mandatory. I need an essay of at least 10 pages and 5 references to be submitted in APA format. Some of the proposal that I have mentioned in class include: -disposable stethoscopes for each patient, -mandatory hand washing and isolation gowns for not only staff, but families and visitors, -private rooms for patients in the ICU, -educating family on infection control methods and encouraging family members to hold staff accountable when practices are not met, -having someone on each shift observe staff compliance with infection control methods, -better assessment of and optimization of patients nutritional status It would be great if these practices could be included in the research paper as it would reflect that I followed up on class discussions and suggestions. If the author can come up with other methods that could reduce nosocomial infection rates and support it with evidence-based research, that would be very much appreciated. This information is based on data collected at Brookdale Hospital in Brooklyn, NY, USA. Public information is available online as to their nosocomial infection rates. Please include data available and include it in the paper. I do not think that the professor will verify the accuracy of the data, but please make an attempt to make it as accurate as possible. There is also a powerpoint presentation that needs to accompany this research paper. I have attached the syllabus as well as instructions for the powerpoint. The powerpoint is due at a later date. I will work with whoever is chosen to do this project to also complete the powerpoint presentation for me. I am willing to submit to any compensation requirements as this is the final class needed to complete my degree. Please do not be discouraged by the workload as I am able to compensate well for someone who takes on this project and will be committed to providing quality material. The rubric for the paper as well as the powerpoint presentation are outlined in the syllabus. I have also attached separate files detailing what is expected for each of these projects. Again, the research paper is due on November 27th, but the powerpoint presentation is not due until the following week. I would like to collaborate with the Author so they can suggest “activity log” items for me to include in a separate document that I need to submit that shows “clinical hours” used to achieve my proposed goals. These activities are a part of the information that needs to be submitted as part of the powerpoint presentation. The attachment titled class notes is a copy and paste of “Announcement Blogs from the class thus far. These are information and guidelines of expectations for this final product. I am including them to give the author of this project further guidelines and resources so that they have a precise picture of what is expected. Also, each week, a discussion blog is assigned to her us further prepare for this project. Please review each week in the syllabus and try to include those discussion topics as part of the project so that it all comes together well. These include: -Nursing standards and scope of practice -Roy’s adaptation model -Code of ethics -Leadership styles This is my first time using this service, but was referred by someone who has had great success due to this service. Finally, another leisure that will make me comfortable is working with someone who is able to communicate their ideas with me during this project. If this is not feasible, I am okay moving forward, but it will make me feel much more comfortable.