provide a critical response to the film, Atanarjuat:

provide a critical response to the film, Atanarjuat: The Fast Runner. Consider the following statement: If Atanarjuat is story about a community ravaged by outside influences, Huhndorf argues that the film “functions as a colonial allegory as well as a narrative about identity reconstruction in the wake of this catastrophe” (Huhndorf 824). As part of your engagement, consider the significance of this statement and address the following: • How is director Zacharias Kunak creating new filmic direction with this film in relation to storytelling? • How does the film represent the force of Christianity within the community? What impact does Christianity have upon relationships within the community? How is Christianity and colonialism portrayed? How is Inuktituk culture presented? • How does the film resist and subvert the colonial gaze? • Identify and discuss how the film addresses power relationships, violation, intrusion, and reclamation. MLA or Chicago reference style is acceptable. Content Introduction and Thesis: – Introduction is clear and concise – Thesis clearly articulates and limits the focus of the paper – Thesis clearly explains the significance of the proposition. Resources and Research – Cited material is relevant – Cited material is reliable and authoritative. – Cited material is current Format – Adheres to Chicago/ MLA format – Citations adhere to Chicago/ MLA format – Reference page adheres to Chicago/ MLA format Reasoning/ Content – Argument is well crafted (no flaws in reasoning) – Argument is well supported – Alternate views are considered and fairly represented. – Critically analyzes/ examines the subject -Draws upon the ideas and language introduced and discussed in the course Organization and Clarity – Paragraphs are consistently well developed with clear topic sentence, supporting evidence and analysis. – Strong transitions serving to identify relationships between ideas. – Every paragraph works to support the general thesis. – Paragraphs are organized to show progression in logic Conclusion – All ideas have been synthesized to support the general thesis. – Conclusion goes beyond a simple summary of ideas without attempting to introduce new evidence. Grammar and Composition – Grammar, syntax, spelling, punctuation – Incomprehensible – Difficult to understand – Understandable with persistent errors – Few errors – Diction