Purpose Comprehensive projects allow an opportunity for you to think across many

Comprehensive projects allow an opportunity for you to think across many

Comprehensive projects allow an opportunity for you to think across many webs of content and make new connections. This type of thinking, not just “knowing” something, but “analyzing” and “evaluating,” is the type of thinking all all of you should have the opportunity to demonstrate. This project will allow you to show me that you can take all of the information you have learned, do the necessary research for your jurisdiction, create the necessary documents, and explain them.
Complete the following steps:
After reading the material from Chapters 8 and 9 in the textbook (including Appendices F and G), and viewing your power point presentations and video, you will put all of that knowledge together to complete this assignment:
Research Indiana statutes on forming corporations and the requirements necessary to form a corporation.
You may use your Lexis+ subscription to do this research. See the Resources module for the link to Lexis+.
You may also use the Indiana General Assembly’s website and the Table of Contents to the Indiana Code to do research. Start with Title 23 of the Indiana Code.
Create a fictitious name for a business you want to start as a corporation.
Search the available name database and make sure your name is available in Indiana. If not, choose another one.
You will find the database on the Indiana Secretary of State’s website.
Write a summary at the beginning of the project explaining what type of business you are creating, the legal name, any fees associated with filing, etc.
Create Articles of Incorporation for your business. Refer to Figure 9-6 on page 215 of the text.
There are also forms available online.
Create your company Bylaws according to the Indiana statute. You may also wish to refer to Appendix G.
Create your agenda for your first corporate meeting.
The agenda does not have to have a specific format, but you will find some samples if you search online.
See pages 212 – 215 of your text for assistance on the content of the agenda.
Submit all of these (separated for ease of viewing) as one document including all references
Important Note: Indiana provides forms for certain items like Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws. If you choose to use a form, it must be properly and fully filled in with your pertinent information. Do not leave placeholders or other stray items. The summary section and the agenda will be in Word format (not a form) and double-spaced. Cite all statutes or other legal sources that you used in your research to complete the project in proper Bluebook or ALWD format. Start with your written answer, followed by the Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, and Agenda.

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