Questions from a Stregegic Marketing Class. Textbook is Marketing: Planning & Strategy

Case 14
(Textbook pages 725-734)
Procter & Gamble: Bringing the Company into the 21st Century
1. Explain how a company’s culture might affect marketing strategy. Discuss the pros and cons of pursuing a strategy of status quo.
2. What particular management techniques would you recommend to facilitate the implementation of cultural change at Procter & Gamble?
3. Recommend marketing strategies that P&G could pursue to regain its “fame” in the toothpaste, disposable diapers, and soap markets.
Case 16
(Textbook pages 761-769)
Coca-Cola’s Long-Term Marketing Strategy
4. Evaluate the appropriateness of the overseas investment strategy by the Coca-Cola Company, given the economic troubles in the target regions. Discuss alternative strategies that could have been pursued by the company.
5. Evaluate the appropriateness of the aggressive marketing in the domestic market. Discuss the pros and cons of the “war mentality” in dealing with Pepsico.
6. Discuss a few alternative strategies to address the problem of the saturated U.S. market.
7. How could the Coca-Cola Company boost its stock price in the long term without compromising its current market position?
Case 27
(Textbook pages 902-905)
FedEx and UPS in China – Competing with Contrasting Strategies
8. Summarize the strategic perspectives of the two companies.
9. What assumptions have led each company to adopt a different route to China?
10. Conceptually, under what circumstances is FedEx’s strategy more appropriate? How about UPS’ strategy?
11. How does the culture of each company impact its strategy?