his paper is designed for you to take a more in-depth look at one of the topics we covered over the course of the semester. You want to ask the question: What is the sociological perspective on this topic?You are graded not only on content but on the structure and organization of your paper’s argument, and on your ability to turn in a research paper that fits basic universal citation standards of scholarly research.
You are required to demonstrate comprehensive knowledge of the sociological perspective we learned in this course—this includes choosing sociological academic sources, framing your argument sociologically, and using sociological language, all to provide a sociological understanding of the chosen topic. You must also show some connection to present-day issues, or why this issue matters to people other than sociologists.
5 sources total (at least, no more than 10)
a.The textbook
b.Three academic articles from sociology journals on your topic
a.1 of these may be one that is discussed in the book
b.May be from related discipline with sociological perspective (journals like media culture & society or gender & society, but consider this partly a test of your ability to identify a sociological perspective, framing, understanding of an issue—what is important to sociologists?)
c.One current connection source
a.Newspaper article from credible source, perhaps reviewing a sociological study
b.Blog article employing sociological concepts or speaking to sociological themes or reviewing a sociological study
c.Poem, song lyrics, or music video speaking to sociological themes or with social cultural influence: Think for example the influence of Beyonce’s lemonade visual  album, maybe socially conscious hip-hop or folk music; poetry that touches on social issues; alternatively, many videos as examples of cultural appropriation;
d.Stories that take “events” and connect them to social issues we have discussed in class: twitter arguments, celebrity feuds, Rachel Dolezal incidents, hate speech for example
e.Can function as data, connection between experience and structure, personal and historical
*You must include a TITLE and you must IDENTIFY THE CITATION STYLE you use on the references page.
Rubric Categories
1.Spelling, Grammar, and Punctuation
2.Introduction and Conclusion—Do you have a thesis statement that introduces your argument? Do you introduce your paper properly and does your conclusion sum up your argument and how you have supported it?
3.Organization—Do you have transitions between paragraphs that connect the end of one paragraph to the beginning of the next? Do you follow the plan of the paper you laid out in the introduction?
4.Argument—Do you have a cohesive argument which you support throughout the paper? Does every paragraph have a purpose towards your overall argument?
5.Content—How well do you summarize, synthesize, and connect your sources? How do your sources contribute to your overall argument, and is your argument based on your research?
6.Concepts—Do you use and define sociological concepts and language to explain your topic? Do you explain the sociological theories researchers use to understand your topic?
7.Quality of Sources—Have you chosen sources from sociology or closely related periodicals?
8.Citations—Do you cite your sources in the body of your paper? Do you have a properly formatted references section?
9.Relevance, connection to current events or present day social issues—Do you show how your topic is relevant outside of scholarly research? Who does this issue matter to, beyond sociologists studying it?
10.Sociological perspective—Have you presented an overall sociological perspective on your topic? Is your argument informed and supported by sociological research? Do you explain why the sociological perspective is the best way to explain the topic you chose?
B=Average, speak to the prompt and is thoroughly sociological
C=Fairly Decent with some redeeming factors, still well within the conceptual perspective of sociology
D=Poor with few redeeming factors, verging on not sociological but few attempts F=Ungradable, not sociological, incorrect
Grade will be calculated based on the average of your grade in each category.
Tips and Hints
*Make an annotated bibliography and outline to organize thoughts before beginning to write
*Give yourself enough time to REVIEW and REVISE your paper—Don’t leave citations until last minute
*An A paper will show complex and nuanced thought on a subject with present-day significance, informed by sociological content from this course and outside research published in sociology or closely related periodicals
•For example, by taking a commonly held assumption or a belief you previously had and using sociology to problematize, debunk, and eventually form an updated and more educated statement on the subject (more educated because it is based on the empirical research that sociologists have conducted and contributed to knowledge on that subject)
*If any violation of any category on the rubric is a severe violation of requirements I reserve the right to significantly lower the grade, possibly to a zero(no course material, not sociological, incomprehensible spelling and grammar, no organization whatsoever or turning in annotated bibliography, entirely incorrect definition or application of sociological concepts or if it were a simple definition test you would have failed).

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