Read Do or Do Not scenario. Based on the Ransomware attack scenario, conduct a r

Read Do or Do Not scenario.
Based on the Ransomware attack scenario, conduct a r

Read Do or Do Not scenario.
Based on the Ransomware attack scenario, conduct a risk assessment.
Produce a meaningful report for management to determine the best course of action to prevent or mitigate future risks, with a timeline towards full prevention.
You can select the appropriate risk assessment approach to assess the case and present the assessment data for management to decide how to prevent future incidents.
The risk assessment should:Present all assets associated with/threatened by the ransomware attack, including the assessments of costs and the costs associated with downtime.
Calculate risks associated with the ransomware attack.
Present the risk in a hybrid risk assessment approach to include both qualitative and quantitative approaches.
Include a risk mitigation approach /Courses of Action for management to consider.
Incorporate legal and regulatory issues in your assessment.
Include your recommendation to leadership on how to respond to this ransomware attack based on your assessment of cost/benefit.
Present your rationale with supporting details on cost and benefit of risk mitigation recommendations.
The report should be of the following length: between 1250 and 2500 words.
Components of Risk Assessment ReportUsing either a quantitative or qualitative approach, you will complete a risk assessment to determine the risks and benefits of paying ransom to the organization. The risk assessment report will include the following components:
Executive summary on the risk assessment outcomes and recommendations.
List of assets with their values involved in the risk assessment scope. Assets include tangible and intangible assets with values to the organization.
Vulnerabilities to these assets based on the ransomware attack vector.
Assign asset values impacted to the organization based on the ransomware attack outcome.
Compare these asset values impacted by the ransomware attack and the replacement costs.
Draw up recommendations to recover these ransomware attack by paying the ransom or by replacing these assets.
Write your conclusions on risk assessment for management to decide whether Ackme should pay the ransom or to replace these assets.

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