read my notes. two assignments1. 1. solve case study 1250 words 2. managing global business (Two question)1250 words

Course – Managing in the Global Business Environment
Luthans, F. & Doh, P.J. (2015), International Management: Culture, Strategy, and Behaviour (9th edn.), Irwin/McGraw-Hill, New York
Two questions for final exam.
“Knowing where one belongs can transform an ordinary person – hardworking and competent but otherwise mediocre – into an outstanding performer.”

  • Peter Drucker, “Managing Oneself’, HBR, Jan. 2005


  1. Where do you think you belong?
  2. What is critical for you to be an outstanding manager in the multicultural environment?

Reflect on your course readings, on what you heard and learnt in the previous visits for this course. Make this a personally meaningful statement and action plan for your future career goal (i.e. what skills should you be working on developing between now and then to ensure you get off on the right foot?)
Use 600 words for 1 question and 650 words for 2 question.
Use reference also
Use quality material.
For 2 question give some logical and evidence.
Use some bullet point so I can stretch the points.
I need this Monday morning 10am,22-02-2016
Solve the case study, question are behind the case study.

  1. Please use 200 words for each question number 1, 2,3,4,6
  2. And use 250 words for question number 5
  3. So, total words are 1250 words.
  4. Please write answers on the base of case study, and focus on quality material, write some bullet point so, I can stretch the points. Don’t repeat the lines.
  5. Most important:- for each answer from where you take the case study, please highlight with the colour and send me with highlighted case study.
  6. I need this Monday morning 10am,22-02-2016
  7. Use very simple English language for understand.