Read/watch: Crum, A. (12 October, 2017). Does the mind impact health? A research

Crum, A. (12 October, 2017). Does the mind impact health? A researcher’s insight. Culture of Health Blog. to an external site. (read and watch video)
Kreps S., Prasad S., Brownstein J.S., Hswen, Y., Garibaldi, B.T., Zhang, B., & Kriner, D.L. (2020). Factors Associated With US Adults’ Likelihood of Accepting COVID-19 Vaccination. JAMA Network Open, 3(10):e2025594. (13 pages) to an external site.
Write up a 1-page (double-spaced) response and address all of the following prompts:
What are your general thoughts, feelings, and reactions to each of the materials? What do you think is their message or take away?
What are the implications for public health?
How have your own attitudes and beliefs shaped your health and behaviors?
QUESTION 2: This is my research question:
”How does diet influence mental health outcomes, and what are the potential mechanisms and implications for treatment and prevention among ethnic minorities?”
Find and read 4 other scholarly sources related to your research question/s (they can be peer-reviewed empirical journal articles or otherwise)
Literature Review Outline for Peer Review – 5 pts
2-3 pages, double-spaced
Instructions: Develop a 2-3 paged, double-spaced outline for your final Literature Review that generally follows this format.
I. Introduction – Introduce the topic to the reader, share the research question/s, and forecast for the reader how the literature review will be organized (thematically or otherwise).

II. Methods – Describe your process/steps for conducting this literature review. Include your search terms, inclusion/exclusion criteria related to articles reviewed, and databases.

III. Body – Contains your discussion of sources and is organized thematically. Your outline will probably have three to five themes in the Body (i.e. III, IV, V, VI), and supporting paragraphs for each theme (i.e. A, B, C).
IV. Conclusion – Discuss what you have drawn from reviewing the literature so far. What might need to happen next?
References – Please include a separate page with a list of your sources in APA format (not counted towards the 2-3 page limit).

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