Reflect on volunteer work at senior home

Needs to be in first person since the aim of this paper is to talk about my experience at senior home.
Please refer to powerpoint.
In introduction talk about my volunteer placement at a elder home called Shalom Village. I chose this because this is a different experience for me and coming from a different country, I wanted to experience and see the differences. Also, since different culture, talk with people, help them since my grandfather also had the same health problem as most seniors at the senior home.
In the body I need to make 3 connections from my experience to course material.
I would like to talk about:
1. Caregivers: The senior home has a day care system where elders with caregivers can spend a day at the old home so that there caregiver can get a break. This type of caregiving is called formal support where the person is paying someone to get support from a professional. Mostly care is given by women.
2. Leisure & Recreation: Played bingo with elders. This helps the elders brain function. Very important thinking for them.
3. Healthcare: Professional nurse for elders with healthcare problems mainly dementia.
Body Point 2: Leisure & Recreation
Situation: Playing bingo with elders

  • Elder home has a variety of recreational options for elders
  • Movie hall
  • Gym- for elders to be fit
  • Garden- can have a walk in the garden, spend evening
  • Exercise can lead to improvement in memory, intelligence, and cognitive speed
  • One thing I learned is that seniors are used to what they do every week and continuously do it. Once a few elders start playing bingo they play it every week. They don’t want to miss it. It is mostly the same group of people playing every week.

Body Point 1

  • Women provide majority informal support, in terms of high-intensity care
  • Older care recipients are also more likely to be women
  • Some men feel uncomfortable providing care that involves “traditionally female” tasks such as domestic work and personal care
  • Man men are not prepared for the caregiving role

After talking to a few caregivers at the senior home:

  • After some time felt a bond
  • Felt love towards the person they are giving care to

Body point 3: Healthcare
Situation: Conversation with another volunteer whose grandfather was also at this elder home and had dementia.

  • Can relate to the “medical model”.
  • Medical model: focuses in treatment of diseases and injuries. Focuses on physical and biological aspects of specific diseases and conditions
  • As people age, healthcare problem increase as well as diseases.
  • This elder home has doctors and nurses for people who have healthcare problems while at their elder home and also has treatment for it and recovery.
  • It is common for people after getting treatment from hospitals to be transferred to a elder home like this as per their choice in order to receive the same care they received in the hospital since this is not possible at home. This is known as long term institutional care.
  • I have seen a person being transferred from a hospital to the elder home.

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