Relationship of stock market performance and financial parameters of UK banks: EVA versus commonly used financial ratios

I have already completed the proposal of dissertation, although I would require the rest be completed to the topic my next step is , proposal work attached.The whole dissertation without references and Headings should count 11000, I can also send the Guidance on Dissertation.Use Arial 12pt as your default font, and the following sections in order:
Table of Contents
List of Tables & Figures
First Chapter – Introduction (research purpose and objectives)
Chapters 2 Literature Review
Chapter 3- Research Methods,
Chapter 4- Data Description (this chapter is often combined with Chapter 5 depending on the nature of your research) etc.
Chapter 5 – Data Analysis (alternatively this chapter may be called Discussion and Analysis)
Chapter 6 – Chapter 6 – Conclusions and Recommendations,
Final Chapter – Conclusions and Recommendations
Dissertation Title = BOLD, CAPITALS, 18 point
Chapter Titles = bold, Initial Capitals, 14 point
Sub-headings = bold, as Chapters but 12 point.

Reference list that are single-line spacing, Use the Harvard Reference system throughout. Do not use footnotes. Limit your use of direct quotes from secondary information sources to the absolute minimum. A single list in alphabetical order by author or organisation of all of the works cited in your text. If you have cited a source in your text then there must be an associated reference. Similarly if you have referenced a source then there must be an associated citation in your text. The Reference list must not be in bullet- or numbered-list format.
Citing Literature
You must cite and reference all the literature that you discuss and refer to in the Dissertation. The reason for this is so others can refer to your sources so it must be traceable. The format used for referencing literature is the Harvard Referencing system.