****REPLY TO POST 100 WORDS MIN**** There are many ways to deter subject from e

There are many ways to deter subject from e

There are many ways to deter subject from entering a storage property you may own in several ways. In this discussion board I will explain just a couple of those ways I have personally done and some I have found to be effective for other people.
For my storage are I have at home I have implemented some tools to try and make intruders think twice about stepping into any unwanted areas. One way I have done this is to have the area well lit. In the front area of my home I had flood light installed to make sure I can see anything coming onto my property or simply those that may want to lurk around in the area. I also have an at home security system installed on the property, both for my home and storage area in the back. With this package also came signs that show people that my home is protected my a security system. I was skeptical about this due to the fact I would rather not show all my cards at once. However, studies have shown criminals are 25 percent more likely to walk away from a home that has signs posted regarding a security system whether they are real or fake.
For my detect method, the floodlights in my storage area have motion sensors attached to them. I have a floodlight attached above the door of the storage area. With the motion sensor, if anything disturbs it I am notified through an app on my phone that something may be in the area. Along with this system I am allowed to change how sensitive the motion sensor can be and adjust camera quality for better sight since I have one attached. This has proven to be a big aid in surveillance however I have only seen an occasional raccoon or cat roaming the property. Something I have thought about adding that can be a big help to everyone is installing a motion sensor on my door and 2 windows to my storage area if intruders think to come around the back of the area. This could help cover blind spots my motion sensor does not. 
There are many ways to deceive a threat from entering an area and one way I do this is having a “Beware of Dog” sign attached to my fence even though I do not own a dog. I have seen this in several neighborhoods growing up and it seems to work for the most part but will not always be effective. One way to deter potential threats is to have a tough and proven lock system. A locking system that may prove to be time consuming or just hard to break into can deter intrudes from entering your storage area. There are several systems out there that can fit the job for whatever needs to be protected.
With how security systems have advanced through the years, many systems come with an automated response system that relays with a security agency monitoring 24/7. ADT Security Company offers around the clock monitoring on their security systems for their customers. With this system any motion or break in can be caught by ADT and can alert a local law enforcement agency to respond whether their customer is home or away on business. This can give the owner peace of mind without having to deal with a threat directly. Using the principles of counterintelligence, this is some of the ways to keep a storage area and its contents safeguarded from potential threats. 
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