Research on experiment which been carried out on the college to analyse memory of different group of students. The experiment result is available as an attachment.

1. Short summary of report
2. This should include one or two lines from each section of the report
3. This section should be written last
4. The abstract should be clear, concise, and should give a reader a clear overview of the subject matter
1. Tells the reader why the current research has been undertaken
a. Exploratory?
b. Hypothesis testing?
c. Re-examination of other work?
2. It should contain
a. Initial brief discussion of area under investigation such as ‘memory’
b. Should provide a review of existing, literature that is pertinent to the concept / theory in question, including key results found to date and different methods used.
c. A rationale for the present study should be provided
d. Section ends with formal hypothesis / hypotheses
3. The layout should move from broad (e.g., memory research in general) to specific content (e.g., interference) – Visualise a funnel
4. All statement in the introduction section should be supported with references
a. All information should relate to your research question
b. Avoid just writing down everything you know about the topic
Must contain all details so that anyone reading can replicate exactly what you did
Sub sections
1. Design – what was the design used? Experimental / quasi-experimental / correlational. Between groups or within groups. The independent variables and dependent variables
2. Participants – age, sex, how many, how participants were recruited
3. Materials – such as paper / pens / specialist equipment / questionnaires
4. Procedure – exact details of the running of the study
1. Summary of results
a. Mean and Standard deviations
b. Graphs or tables if they aid interpretation
2. Rule of thumb is to graph only significant results
3. Do not draw conclusions here
4. Report results in concise fashion
1. Start with summary of results
2. Then relate it to your research in the introduction
3. Was / were your hypothesis / hypotheses supported?
4. What do your results mean – implications for the field of cognitive psychology and implications for societal / practical level
5. Strengths and limitations of the study should make up a part of discussion
6. Future suggestions – directions for future research

APA Referencing