Research Paper

Research Paper
Each student will be expected to complete a research paper on any topic relating to any of the religions discussed in class. Students are free to choose their own topic, though the paper must argue a specific point, rather than being simply descriptive.
The research paper itself must conform to the following requirements:
•    Must be between 2000 – 2500 words (which is about 7 to 10 pages), no more, no less.
•    Must include a bibliography, in any recognized style.
•    Must be an argument in answer of a specific question determined by the student in consultation with the instructor.
•    Must be submitted no later than May 23rd. Students submitting late papers should not expect to receive any grade for the assignment.
•    Papers will submitted into Blackboard electronically.
•    Students can approach the instructor at any time during the semester to discuss possible research topics in order to find one of interest to the student as early as possible.
•    Students unsure of how to write a proper bibliography should consult a reference librarian at the university library or SCAA. All references must be properly cited, whether they are books, articles, primary sources, or online material.

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