Research the life and works of Fitzgerald to answer the following research question: How did the author struggle with authenticity, and to what ends did this struggle impact his work?

This essay must have at least five paragraphs (introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion).
Important Essay Reminders:
Your essay must be controlled by a strong, argumentative thesis statement in response to your selected prompt that is phrased in a cohesive way and is not simply a list.  Simply regurgitating the prompt (ex. “In The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd, Lily goes on a journey that changes her life and this journey relates to the book as a whole” is not a strong or sophisticated response to the prompt.
Each body paragraph must have a strong topic sentence point.  A topic sentence is not a fact from the story, but an argumentative point (a sub-argument of your thesis). These topic sentence points must collectively cover your entire thesis.  They should also clearly build and not be able to be placed in any random order.
For example, a poor topic sentence would be “Lily and Rosaleen move in with the Calendar Sisters.”  This is a fact.
A much better topic sentence would be, “When Lily and Rosaleen move in with the Calendar Sisters they must adjust to a new world where both bees and women are worshiped which causes both Lily and Rosaleen to transform their views of religion.”
Each body paragraph must also have at least two well-selected quotes/citations from the text as evidence.  These quotes should be transitioned to (not just plopped in) and introduced with context (speaker along with where and when it takes place).  Be sure to provide enough evidence to fully support your topic sentence point.
Quotes/details/facts need to be cited with the page number only. Ex. “blah blah” (47).  Never introduce a quote with the page number.
Quotes need to be fully analyzed to explain how they support your topic sentence.  Often good analysis involves pulling pieces of the quotes into your discussion and analysis.
Italicize novel titles (The Secret Life of Bees)

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