Research your selected community organization or support group (local religious group)

This will be a verbal presentation, the audience will be Homeless shelters staff, the presentation will be regarding ethical and policy issues related to the coordination of care of homelessness. requirements:
• 4 page narrative transcript presentation. This is a will be recorded • APA format, with references • Cite 3–5 credible sources from peer-reviewed journals or professional industry publications to support your presentation.
To prepare for this assessment, you may wish to: • Research your selected community organization or support group (local religious group) • Review the Code of Ethics for Nurses With Interpretive Statements and associated health policy issues, specifically, the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Use the following as sub headers for the transcript – Grading Requirements- • Governmental policies • Explain how governmental policies related to the health and/or safety of the community affect the coordination of care.
• Provide examples of a specific policy affecting the organization or group (homeless shelter staff). • Refer to the assessment resources for help in locating relevant policies. • Be sure to include influential policies include the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA). • Ethical dilemmas • Identify national, state, and local policy provisions that raise ethical questions or dilemmas for care coordination.
• What are the implications and consequences of specific policy provisions? • What evidence do you have to support your conclusions? • Nursing Code of ethics • Assess the impact of the code of ethics for nurses on the coordination and continuum of care. • Consider the factors that contribute to health, health disparities, and access to services. • Consider the social determinants of health identified in Healthy People 2020 as a framework for your assessment. • Conclusion • Provide evidence to support your conclusions.