Rhetorical Analysis Prompt

Rhetorical Analysis Prompt
This assignment asks you to produce a thesis-driven analysis, complemented by secondary
sources, of an aspect of rhetoric in an assigned text.
● Develops clear cogent analyses and convincing arguments about rhetorical choices
● Identifies and articulates genre expectations, situating the text at hand within a larger
conversation in a particular rhetorical situation, with a particular audience
● Selects credible and pertinent material from readings and outside texts to support a point
or argument as well as illustrates awareness of viewpoints and competing arguments
● Situates, integrates, and contextualizes different types of evidence effectively while
distinguishing the writer’s voice from those of sources.
● Demonstrates effective organization and style – for a particular purpose, within a
particular genre, to a particular audience
● Develops understanding of and mastery of rhetorical choices within genre
conventions, and develops an awareness of how writers must make careful decisions
based on purpose, audience and argument to execute project/writing professionally
across writing situations
● Rewrites and edits language, style, tone, and sentence structure according to genre
and audience expectations
● Practices applying citation conventions systematically in their own work
● Plans and executes a revision process that does not rely only on direction from the
instructor, developing ownership of both process and product to revise purposefully
Consider this assignment an opportunity to further explore and expand a line of analysis that
you began with your Critical Reading exercises and then develop that analysis into a more
complete and complex argument. You will now write a more expansive rhetorical analysis of
your primary text. Your rhetorical analysis can delve into message, audience, rhetor, historical
and/or social context or even a combination of these aspects.
Include secondary sources to strengthen your argument as part of the academic discourse
community. Show that you can situate and integrate credible sources into your argument so that
it exists as part of an ongoing dialogue among multiple parties involving the text being
analyzed. Your task is not to only restate what these sources have said, but to engage and
provide insightful responses as a member of this academic discourse community.
Your instructor may have some other requirements to include in the focus of your essay.
Basic requirements
Length: 1500-1800 words, typed, double-spaced, and presented in MLA format.
A minimum of four (4) secondary sources, not including the primary text being analyzed, must
be used to develop the essay. A works cited with source annotations will be required as part of
the final draft.

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