Robert Kagan Consensus Building for Projects (12.50m)

Watch the YouTube Video:  Robert Kagan Consensus Building for Projects (12.50m)
Seasoned Developer Robert Kagan of Levin Menzies is building a major residential project in the city’s troubled Southeast Neighborhood of the Bay View. He discusses the challenge of building consensus in a neighborhood split on its vision of the future.
Watch the YouTube video about how Developer Robert Kagan developed consensus to move forward with a major construction project.  Respond to the following questions in the discussion forum:
How can Robert Kagan increase the effectiveness of his approach to building consensus?
What are the challenges of building consensus on major projects?
What happens if a consensus is not built?
How much time should be spent building consensus and what, if anything, does that depend upon?
What would you consider best practices for building consensus among stakeholders?
How can PPM help in building consensus on projects?

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