Safety Concerns 

Safety Concerns
Think of a safety concern that would require action by you and list a few examples of safety concerns. (15 points)
Where would you find resources for what you should do (ethically, legally)? How do you find out what needs to be reported? (25)
What would you do if you were concerned but it wasn’t actually illegal, or reportable? How would you discuss this concern with the parent or would you stay out of the situation? (25)
What are your state requirements for telling parents if a minor is sexually active or doing drugs or other behaviors that parents might want to be aware of? Do you need to tell the parents? Should you warn the teenager about what will show up on the insurance bill? How should you approach these sensitive conversations? (25)
Standard English for spelling, grammar, punctuation, paragraph formation, and paper formation used. Formatted in APA (6th) style. References (Relevant, sufficient, and current – at least 2 scholarly sources are expected). (10)

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