Sargent In(By Langston Hughes On The Road) and Mrs.Mallard In(By Kate Chopin ''The Story of An Hour'' and Calixta(In the Storm by Kate Chopin)

Secondary characters-sometimes, in fact,characters who never actually appear-can play an important role in a literary work. Choose 3 such characters from three different works and discuss their contributions to the plot, theme, or development of the other Characters
Sargent In(By Langston Hughes On The Road) and Mrs.Mallard In(By Kate Chopin ”The Story of An Hour” and Calixta(In the Storm by Kate Chopin)
All questions will be directly related to the reading and will require specific references to or quotations from the text. Most questions will require that you pull together several different works; these works must be from two different genres. ( A genre is a type of literature; a short story is different from a novel which is different from a play, etc. That means you will need to mix and match to fulfill this part of the instructions.)Write a an essay of about 650nwords on one of the following topics. Choose your topic and the works you will use to support it carefully. Support your general statements with specific details from the works, properly documented. Every question requires that you use at least two genres from works we have studied in class. Indicate by number your choice of topic. You will fail the examination if you do not write on a listed topic. Do not write on a topic you have written on this semester. Most important for getting a good grade
Good organization
Good content that fits the topic–especially if it’s well supported with specifics
Automatic deductions on the final
Missing MLA heading–5 points
Failure to use two genres–10 points
Failure to document–10 points
Incorrect documentation–5 points
Failure to correctly punctuate titles of works–5 points
Incorrectly spelled author’s or character’s name–5 points
Too many unsupported generalizations–10 points or more
Failure to address the question– an F
Essays with multiple serious problems can earn a grade anywhere in the F range (0-55).

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