select a cultural text (a film, a music video, a meme, a Facebook post, an advertisement…) which you feel demonstrates a compelling reality about gender representation.

Over the course of weeks 8 and 9 we’ve looked at the topic of gender. For this assignment, please select a cultural text (a film, a music video, a meme, a Facebook post, an advertisement…) which you feel demonstrates a compelling reality about gender representation. USE THE CRITICAL APPROACHES WE’VE APPLIED IN THE COURSE. Make sure you don’t confuse an ideological message about gender (i.e. building up an idea of something being natural and right when it’s not really either) with what’s actually true and socially constructed to establish a power dynamic (of empowerment or disempowerment). Write an essay of 750 words explaining in specific detail HOW the text you’ve selected demonstrates a problematic construction of gender identity. Make sure that I can see the text you’re talking about by including a link, a copy of a picture, etc. FOLLOW THE SAME STRUCTURE YOU WERE ASKED TO USE IN YOUR PERSONAL RESPONSES. USE SPECIFIC EXAMPLES FROM YOUR TEXT TO PROVE YOUR POINTS! HOW TO WRITE AN ANALYSIS: SOME GUIDANCE…. LOOK AT THE VISUAL CODES BEING USED: is the lighting dark and shadowy (suggesting mystery, danger, etc.) or bright (suggesting clarity, purity, etc.)? Are things balanced (suggesting order, organization) or are they at odd angles and off-balance (suggesting discomfort, imbalance, precariousness)? Are shapes or things lined up to suggest they’re equal in importance or not, and what does this suggest? What’s big and what’s small? Are colours matching or clashing, and what feelings might this convey? Do things blend together or do they oppose each other with bold contrasts? What’s in the centre of the image (ie most important) and what’s pushed to the margins (ie marginalized…less important)? What’s on top and what’s below? What messages are being sent using these stylistic / artistic elements? LOOK AT THE CONTENT: what is the subject? What has been included and how has it been depicted to suggest a certain message? What things have been put together (side-by-side, connected) and what does this linking suggest? What things have been put far apart or in direct opposition and what might this suggest? LOOK AT THE LANGUAGE: what, if anything, is written or said? What kind of language is being used (formal, informal, slang, jargon, who is speaking or not speaking and what degree of power does this suggest, etc.) and what message does it convey in both literal and figurative ways? LOOK AT THE REFERENCES: are any allusions being made to historical, biblical, literary, or cultural texts? How does this appropriation affect the message being communicated by the text? LOOK AT THE CONTEXT: how does the text relate to other texts or events happening in the world? Is it alone in its meaning / message or should it be understood in a broader context, and to what effect? WHAT IS THE INTENDED MESSAGE AND IS IT IN CONFLICT WITH WHAT A CRITICAL PERSPECTIVE MIGHT UNCOVER ABOUT WHAT THE TEXT IS REALLY SAYING? For example, could a text be attempting to imitate a stance of gender-equality while it, in fact, relies on classic sexist stereotypes? Copy and paste the following link into your web browser for an example of an analysis. PLEASE NOTE that it is meant for guidance only, and is therefore not in the complete essay format I am expecting for this assignment! It should, however, give you some clear ideas about things you might discuss and directions you might take in your analysis.