Short Essay #1 Instructions What I would like for you to do for short essay #1 i

Short Essay #1 Instructions
What I would like for you to do for short essay #1 i

Short Essay #1 Instructions
What I would like for you to do for short essay #1 is similar to what you have been doing in your discussion board posts in that I would like you to respond to the first chapters of Frankenstein. Do a little research to find one bit of information about Shelley, women’s roles, or science (natural philosophy as it was called then), or race/colonialism, etc. in 19th century England, monster theory (see the link in Module 2 lecture), or anything that you can relate to the novel online and use it in your response to Frankenstein as you have read it so far. For instance, maybe you can look up Shelley’s biography or her parents or her husband and see how they might’ve influenced her in writing the novel. Or, you can write about women’s roles and how Shelley resists or reinforces them. Choose something that interests you, respond to it using your sources, and be sure to cite your sources using MLA format. Here is a link to the OWL for help citing using MLA format: OWL at Purdue.
To reiterate: what I am asking you to do in this assignment is to research a small piece of information: 17th-18th technology/science, class or gender roles, Shelley’s life, etc. and use it to write a 1 1/2- to 2-page paper in response to the first volume of Frankenstein. What is due on the 29th is a rough draft only, and you have all day to submit it.
When you submit your assignment, and it is vital that you do not miss the deadline (end of day 10/29), you will be randomly assigned three of your peers’ essays to review as well as your own. If you do not get an essay uploaded into the assignment (Short Essay #1 Draft), you will not get to take part in the workshop.
The day after your essay is due (10/30), you will have access to the PeerMark assignment and when you click on it, you will see that you have been given the other essays to review. Click on “Write Review” and you will see the 3-4 questions you will need to respond to, and you can also add comments into the text as well. Remember that I will be able to see your responses to your peers, so please continue to be as courteous as you have been on the discussion board.
Be sure when you are responding to the questions that you hit the minimum word count in your response (between 5 and 15 words) or it will tell you that you are not complete. For more thorough instruction, see the Instructions for PeerMarks page that will give you more in-depth information.
You will have through the end of the day on 11/3 to respond to your peers’ essays, and you will be able to see what the others have to say about your essay draft as well. You can use your peers’ responses in your revision or not. It is up to you. Your final revised draft will need to be uploaded to the “Short Essay #1 Final” assignment on by 11/5.
To read what your peers have had to say, click on Read Reviews. Once you have the first one open and read, look above to see tiny arrows (< >), which will take you to the other reviews you have received.
Again: Upload your rough draft by 10/29, and then beginning on 10/30 you can go to the Peermark assignment that will assign you three of your peers’ essays to review as well as your own. Answer the questions making sure you hit the word minimums for each. You should be able to see your peers’ comments and responses as soon as they have completed them, and then the final essay is due by end of day on 11/5.

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