Significant Contributions to Public Health – Part I

Significant Contributions to Public Health – Part I
For your final project you will be researching an individual and their contribution to community and public health. Because of the size of this project you will be doing the first part of this projectnow andthen adding the final portion in two weeks. Details are below the outline. Overall you will be researching an historical figure in the public health world their contribution to public health and how their work helped shape the public health system. Furthermore you will be analyzing how their contribution from the past continues to contribute to todays public health system and how it might guide future work within the industry.
Follow this outline to help formulate your paper or presentation:ACTION: Select one of the historical figures and their associated public health topic
ACTION: Research the individuals background
ACTION: Research the barriers and issue of the time
ACTION: Think about how this person overcame the barriers and issues
ACTION: Think about the importance of the contribution to community/public health at the time
Written Paper

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