So what I want to get through to the reader is how my current experiences that I

So what I want to get through to the reader is how my current experiences that I

So what I want to get through to the reader is how my current experiences that I’ve had have sparked a realisation that I want to study business. My thoughts were maybe starting it out with a lemonade stand and how that sparked my initial interest and then go more into things such as my involvement in DECA and how I placed First, Starting a esports team and gaining sponsors for that, and overall how I believe my passion for business has expanded and is what I want to study in college. here is also an essay about my deca stuff that you can get information from. “A mounting sense of nervous anticipation gripped me as I endured a seemingly endless two-and-a-half-hour wait for my event’s turn. Doubts crept into my mind: What if all my preparation had been in vain? What if I messed up during my presentation? In those final few minutes leading up to my event, every negative thought inundated my consciousness.

Then, as if time had slowed to a crawl, the announcer’s voice finally broke the silence, declaring, “Now calling PSE,” my event. My heart plummeted, drowning out all other sounds in the room. The moment had arrived, and as the announcer began reciting names, it felt like an eternity.

And then, the magic words: “Aiden Dechaux, West Chester East,” were called. A surge of adrenaline coursed through my veins as I ascended the stage.

Standing alongside ten others, we anxiously awaited our fate. The announcer’s voice cut through the tension: “In fourth place, somebody else. In third place, another person. In second place, not me.” My heart pounded louder with each announcement. “Is this it?” I thought.

Then, in disbelief and joy, the announcer proclaimed, “And in first place is Aiden Dechaux, West Chester East.” Shock rippled through every fiber of my being. All those tireless hours of hard work had paid off in the most spectacular way possible. I hadn’t just qualified for the international competition; I had clinched first place in the state.

This moment, filled with triumph and validation, marked a significant turning point in my life. It ignited a more profound passion for the business world, which had been in me since childhood. Reflecting on my journey, I recalled the weekends when my sister and I would set up our makeshift lemonade stand, adjusting the prices based on demand. This event made it seem like I could pursue something in business.”

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