Social Research Method on Radicalisation in primary schools within the UK in the last 5 years

ntro- 1.1 what is the problem? 1.2 why is it worth researching? 1.3policy/practise content?
Literature review -2.1 Overview of existing findings 2.2 discussion of the proposed study in relation to the existing literature
Precise focus- 3.1 Aims and objectives of the research 3.2 precise research question/hypothesis 3.3 expected outcomes
Research Design- 4.14.1 Overall research approach/methodology 4.2 Data collection methods/instruments 4.3 Stages 4.4 Population and sampling methods
Ethical considerations- 5.1 Key ethical considerations and how they will be addressed 5.2 Participant information sheet 5.3 Informed Consent form
Project Plan – 6.1 Resources 6.2 Timescales 6.3 Support 6.4 Dissemination
Appendix- 7.1 Participant information sheet 7.2 Informed consent sheet 7.3 Confidentiality policy

Require a lot of journal research