Starbucks in china

Starbucks in china
1.    Introduction to business in china
a.    What are the rules of the game in China and what are the strengths/weaknesses of the economic model they create?
b.    How china perceived the coming of starbucks
c.    Provide data and then analyze
2.    Politics in china
a.    How does the party get involved when foreign compnies come to china
b.    How did chinese govt with starbucks
c.    Did starbucks have any difficulty while making a deal in china
d.    Opening up of the Chinese economy ( historical data)
e.    Provide data, evidences and then analyze
3.    Analysis of competitive landscape (including domestic and foreign firms) in the relevant coffee industry in china
a.    What research did starbucks do before coming to china
b.    Did Starbucks change for china
c.    Who are the competition
d.    What will be the advantages/disadvantages of domestic firms in the coffee sector?
e.    What will be the advantages/disadvantages of foreign firms in the coffee sector?
f.    The five competitive forces model
4.    Current trends and characteristics in the industry of coffee in china
5.    Hurdles and obstacles facing starbucks in china
6.    Strategy recommendation for starbucks
7.    conclusion

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