Synthesis paper RN-BSN

Synthesis Paper in a reflective activity comprised of your experience in the RN BSN program.
You will address your experiences before the RN BSN program, you as a lifelong learner, you in the continuum of novice to expert in the professional nursing role, an account of your role transition to a professional nurse, and an evaluation of the program.
The Synthesis Paper will reflect your understanding and use of APA format and scholarly writing.
Rubric –Synthesis Paper
The following rubric will be used to grade the Synthesis Paper.  The paper has 6 sections:
Before RN-BSN Program
Lifelong Learning
Novice to Expert
Synthesis of Role Transition to Professional Nursing
The paper must have title page, reference page, plus no more than 4 pages that address the 6 sections of the paper outlined in the grading rubric.  So with the title page, 4 pages for the body of the paper, and the reference page, the Synthesis Paper must not be more than 6 total pages using 12-point Times Roman font.
The first 2 grading criteria noted in the rubric below apply to all sections of the paper. APA format, scholarly writing, grammar and spelling are graded in each section.  Use Spell Check and Grammar Check!
In-text citations are required to support each section when you discuss the RN BSN courses or the program.  Points will be deducted if this information is not detailed and referenced in the document and on the reference page. References need to be evidence-based if you choose to reference literature instead of information in RN BSN courses.

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