systems project

For this class project, you will be allowed to choose between two potential projects. Only choose one option.
The guidelines for these projects are fairly loose. This is to allow you to personalize your assignments and to give
you the freedom to take your own direction with the one you choose. It is expected that your report looks
professional and demonstrates a fair amount of time invested in any research and development of the ideas you
express. To obtain full credit for the assignment you will want to correlate the content in your assignment with
content from the course (either from the book or from lectures). When doing this, please do not create a bullet-
point type list attempting to specifically match course content with your findings. Instead, work the content from
the course into your reports as seamlessly as possible.
Option #1 – Accounting Information Systems interview
Objective: To allow you the opportunity to explore the accounting information system of a specific company in your local area. (Logan, UTAH)
Summary: Few things assist in learning more than actually seeing a system in action. We discuss general concepts and theories in this course and you are exposed to the specific
experiences that I have had in my career, however each company has its own unique set
of circumstances that it has adapted its systems to (either successfully or
unsuccessfully). In this project you will be required to interview someone in the
accounting or business management department of a local company and learn how
their systems work, what type of controls they use, how they monitor and improve their
systems, etc.
Guidelines: If you intend on completing this project you should make an effort to interview
someone specifically in the accounting department of a company that can give you a
general overview of the entire accounting system. The payroll accountant at a local
company has a very limited scope and would not be appropriate to interview. A
controller, business manager, CFO or the like would be appropriate. If you want to run a
person’s qualifications by me before you pursue this path please feel free to do so.
If you do not currently work in the accounting department of the company you work for
you are allowed to interview someone within your company. If you are familiar with the
accounting systems at your current place of employment it would not be appropriate to
use your current employer. By this same token, you should not use a company in which
you once worked in their accounting department. This should be an opportunity to
learn and explore a new system not to hash out details of a system you are already
familiar with.
The interview may be done over the phone, but I would suggest a visit to the plant or
office so you actually see the systems in process. A tour of the facilities would be
appropriate and encouraged.
I would expect that you discuss with the interviewee items that pertain to course
content (i.e. controls, reporting, software, documentation of systems, continuous
improvement, etc.)
It would be appropriate to interview a CPA or manager at a local CPA firm to see how
they assist clients in implementing information systems in their companies. Be mindful
though that this time of year can be quite hectic for CPA’s so their availability may be
severely limited.
Remember that company information is proprietary and confidential. Please receive
any necessary approval from the interviewee before you share any information in a
report or in class.
Option #2 – Developing and implementing information systems
Objective: To give you the experience of planning, designing, implementing and analyzing an information system.
Summary: Many of you are in the workforce right now. Whether you work for a large publicly traded company, a regional small business, a government or non-profit entity, or you personally sell used children’s clothes on Ebay you are involved in an organization that has several systems and subsystems working together to meet the organization’s goals. As a college graduate and now having taken this course you will be expected to create, eliminate or improve on your firm’s information systems. With this project you will be expected to identify a system at the firm you are currently working for that you find
redundant, inefficient, ineffective or unnecessary and take the steps to update, refine,
improve or eliminate the system.
Guidelines: You will be expected to follow the guidelines set in Chapter 6 of the course textbook
specifically performing a systems study by planning, analyzing, designing, implementing,
and maintaining the system that you develop. Given the short time allotted for
completion of this project it is not expected that you’ll be able to finish all steps of the
process. If you do not get to a step by the time the project is complete you should
detail what your plans are to prepare for that step.
It is not expected that you will be successful in receiving approval to implement your
ideas at your workplace. You will receive as much credit for failing as you would for
being successful. Your grade will be based on how well you detail out your experience
and how well you follow the guidelines outlined in the book and throughout this course.
Documentation of all successes and failures would be highly advised.
Remember that company information is proprietary and confidential. Please receive
any necessary approval from your immediate supervisor before you share any
information in a report or in class.

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