Telephone Features and Services (Objective 6-1c) The small business for which yo

Telephone Features and Services
(Objective 6-1c)
The small business for which yo

Telephone Features and Services
(Objective 6-1c)
The small business for which you work has decided to purchase smartphones for the five employees of the company. You have been asked to do research and report on the features and services of three smartphones.
Use the Internet or local service providers as your sources of information.
Prepare a table that compares the three phones. Include the phone brand or maker, model/name, phone features or services, and price for each phone. Consider both the purchase price for the phone and the cost of service plans.
Prepare a memo from you to the company manager, Helen Patel. Use the current date and an appropriate subject line. Let Ms. Patel know that you have completed the research she requested on smartphones. Tell which phone you think would be the best choice for the company’s employees. State reasons to support your recommendation. Attach the table to the memo.
Research for a Presentation
When you must prepare a presentation, the topic may be a familiar one about which you know a great deal. Often, however, you will need to do research to find the latest information or supporting details related to the topic. Practice your research skills in this activity.In a later activity, you will create a presentation related to flextime. Use the Internet or other reference sources to find three articles or reports about flextime. Print or copy the articles, if possible.
For each article, key the name of the article and complete source information. Then compose and key a summary of the main points you learned from reading the article.
Leftbound Report
In this activity, you will format text for a leftbound report. Review report guidelines and examples shown earlier to help you complete this activity.Open the file 4 Activity 2 found in the data files. Format the text as a leftbound report with a title page, table of contents, body, and references page.
Use a cover page style found in your word processing software for the title page or format it similar to the title page shown in Figure 4-20. Use a title style for the table of contents heading, the report title on page 1, and the references page heading. Use a heading style available in your software to format the side headings. Adjust the style, if needed, for attractive spacing.
Create a header to number the pages in the body of the report. The second page of the body should be page 2.
Generate a table of contents using the appropriate features of your software. Delete any lines that are not needed, such as the report main title. Only the side headings and the References page should be listed.

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