The Assignment is already finished, I need your assistance on formatting it acco

The Assignment is already finished, I need your assistance on formatting it according to the guidelines and writing a 1-page conclusion and discussion in the Module (There should be a category for it!) Of the work shown, you are to take that information that is written and create a 1 page conclusion!
Make sure it’s in the right format:
“Your submission should be run through TurnItIn – please be sure to review the similarity report (should be found in your submission folder, may take a few minutes after submitting to appear) and make the necessary changes. Thus, it is advised that you do this in advance.
If something like my name is highlighted – that is clearly not plagiarism, so that is an example of something that may be highlighted and flagged that you can ignore.
In addition to the weekly assignments, each module portfolio should include:
A PDF document with a title Page that includes a title, student names, ID numbers, date, class, and professor name. (note: teacher name must be present and spelled correctly or 5% will be deducted from the overall grade)
Signed Academic Honesty Page
Table of Contents
One-page literature-based introduction related to the module topic
The weekly assignments should be presented in order of the class schedule
One-page discussion/conclusion for the module portfolio
Appendices (e.g., hand-written assessment forms completed as part of weekly assignments)
References (should be presented by section of the portfolio)
Additional Notes:
Text/Format Specifics: Single spaced typed, Calibri 12-point font, 1 inch margins, page numbers as the bottom centred.
References within text should be numerical in order of appearance, with square [1] brackets. Formatting for references:
[1] Ronholm, E., Pittman, R., Suboni, P., Otte, G., & Coene, W. (2024). Title of article. Journal Name, Vol (issue): Pg-Pg.
[2] Wrigley, T., & Fenway, R. (2024: Pg-Pg). Chapter Title. Book Title. Editors. Location
[3] Heart & Stroke Canada: Last visited on : Jan. 8th, 2024
Note: you are not permitted to reference the class lectures or asynchronous materials
Note: references should not be older than 10 years (i.e., 2014) when possible
LATE ASSIGNMENT: An assignment is considered late it not received on the due date and designated time. An assignment is also considered late if the report fails to contain an academic honesty page signed by all authors/students and was not run through TurnItIn.
Late assignments will receive a deduction of 25% in the first 24 hours, a deduction of 50% between 24-48 hours, and a mark of zero beyond 48 hours.”

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