The Case of Tamika Brown

The Case of Tamika Brown
Tamika is a 36 year old, single parent,  Jamaican female who is unemployed. Her last coworkers described her as very opinionated, and an outspoken person who refuses to respect authorities. Tamika has no interest in relationships at this time and never spends time with her family. She used to be close to her family and attend every family outing with them when she was working. In general, she prefers to spend most of her time home watching tv.
it. She finds herself smoking marijuana to relax her mind when she’s stressed out. Although she once was able to maintain stable employment, but within the last year Tamika has been depressed. She reports that her supervisors  in the past became disrespectful and very demanding towards her. Tamika was worried about losing her temper and not being able to control her actions, but she didn’t want to lose her job since she is responsible for taking care of her two children. Her supervisors left her no choice.  She admits that she feels depressed more often and life would be a lot easier if she was in a relationship, but she knows that her outspokenness ended her last relationship.
This last year has really been a struggle for Tamika, because she has been depressed, due to being terminated from 3 different jobs and not being able to maintain her bills. She stays in the bed all day and is unable to tend to her children like she should. Tamika has begun to think life is pointless. She went to the Department of Social Services to get assistance with her bills and food for her children. The Department of Social Services referred her to counseling for the sake of her well being so that she can take better care of herself and her children.
Biopsychosocial Assessment
Tamika Brown 08/30/81    suffers from depression
Speaks English
Referred to Counseling by The Dept. of Social Services- Case worker Diana Jackson
2 children 1 son 11yrs Jason Edwards, 1 daughter 9 Malika Edwards has full custody of children- absent father
Tamika and her 2 children are the only ones that reside in the home together
Family History
Alcohol/Substance Abuse- only maternal grandparents
No other known family history stated by Tamika
Critical Population
Tamika does not receive public assistance at this time but her case is pending for food stamps and TANF recipient. She also receives public housing- section 8
Physical Functioning
No known allergies, Depression- takes anti depressants -Zoloft
Past Medical History- In April of 2017 Tamika spent 2 weeks in Shepard Pratt Hospital for her depression and she completed the program. No surgeries and no pain management- No pain reported at this time.
Weight: 175lbs height 5’6
Appetite: Good- Don’t eat beef or pork
Supportive Social Network- family not supportive, no community involvement except church- she’s a Christian. Tamika has a best friend that is very supportive of her.
Living situation
Her and her 2 children reside together. Was homeless in the past
Employment- unemployed at this time and has been for 1 yr now. Had 3 different jobs within the yr but they didn’t last due to her attitude. Outspoken and very opinionated
Financial Situation- Financial difficulties- poverty level- she is struggling due to lack of employment. Actively seeking work
No military history
Sexual Orientation- heterosexual
No legal history
Education- high school completed
Leisure& Recreation- used to always spend time with her best friend. Likes to dance, but only stay in the house and watch tv these days.
Tamika is capable of taking care of herself
She wears glasses
Psychological- history of depression. States that she is depressed all the time, but reports she is not suicidal. Irritability- Tamika reports that she gets irritable when people tell her she is wrong.
Sleeping patterns- reports she gets little sleep, because she is up thinking
Her ability to concentrate is normal. Energy level- average at this time
History of current symptoms of PTSD- Tamika reports that she has nightmares and flashbacks often, but wouldn’t state why
No loss/death- stated by client when asked
Religion- Christian and attends a non- denominational church
States no abuse or neglect history, nor have she witnessed any.
Behavioral Assessment- reports that she was 19 yrs old when she first consumed alcohol, but is not a drinker. Was 15 yrs old when she first smoked marijuana and continues to smoke every day. She states that it helps with her stress. Never did any other drugs
Consequences as a result of Drug/ Alcohol Use- never traded sex for drugs. Was tested for HIV- May, 2018- results- negative
Don’t gamble
Risk taking- reports that she has had unprotected sex, but when asked how many times, she stated that she doesn’t feel comfortable with talking about it.
MSE- well groomed, average build, cooperative, but some what guarded, eye contact was average, speech was loud and soft during certain questions, thought process was logical, mood was normal, affect was normal, no behavior issues, movement was normal, cognition-no impairment, insight and judgement was good.
Risk Assessment- no risk to self or others at this time. No known family abuse. No weapons in the home. Plan: Contact 911 immediately if she thinks she want to harm herself or others.
Diagnoses and Interpretive Summary- please complete(fill in)
DSM IV- TR Provisional Diagnoses- please complete(fill in)
Treatment acceptance/resistance
Client accepts problem and recognizes the need for treatment. She don’t blame others, she is here because she was sent from The Department of Social Services not her own free will.
Strengths/ Resources- dancing. Parenting Skills as a resource and Communication Skills
Note: Please diagnose client and fill it in and type everything up. The Biopsychosocial Assessment is already completed except for diagnoses, so put everything together.

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