The final paper needs to be between 7-10 pages (double-spaced).

The final paper needs to be between 7-10 pages (double-spaced). One possible format for the paper is an extensive literature review on a particular topic or framework covered in class (motivation, leadership, power, culture, rational system perspective, open system perspective, organizational environment, organizational networks, etc). Another possible format is an empirical analysis focused on explaining particular organizational issue (for example: organizational change in the school district system –with possible application to the DC school district and the leadership of Michelle Rhee; leadership, culture and power at Enron; leadership and power in the case of Datong mayor Geng Yanbo; a culture of sustainability at IKEA or other corporations, etc.). Your paper can also describe a contemporary organizational trend or practice (like adopting sustainability practices, changing gender demographics, downsizing, outsourcing, etc.) or examine a specific organization from the perspective of issues discussed in the course (examine or compare the organizational culture at Apple, Amazon, Google, etc). The paper will be graded on the following criteria: originality of the topic and research, and clarity of written report. You should begin by stating clearly the research topic, then conduct a comprehensive literature review (at least three cited works, MLA citation format, and references.) describe your methods and results, and present your conclusion at the end.

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