The format for the Business Strategy Case analysis report is outlined briefly below:

Please Conduct only outlined parts. No Introduction or conclusion needed…
The team is responsible for submitting one written strategic management case analysis report. Each member of the team is advised to read and understand the “How to conduct case analysis” from the textbook. The quality of the submitted case analysis report should be proportionally higher than the fortnightly oral progress reports. The fortnightly progress reports, tutorial discussions and guidance along with journals and company’s annual reports should form a potential source of information for the BSCA report.
It is important to explicitly write in your BSCA report about individual’s contribution towards preparation of the report. Any difference in individual group member’s contribution towards the preparation of BSCA report must be highlighted in the report so that the LIC can accordingly allocate appropriate marks to individual group members. Students must notify the Lecturer-in-Charge in a timely manner and provide substantiating documentation of any problems in relation to group work.
The format for the Business Strategy Case analysis report is outlined briefly below:
• Strategic profile of the case
• Major Issues/problems in the case – You will normally identify a number of problems in a case. It is crucial to make it very clear, which are the major two or three problems, or key issues that must be solved first. You need to understand that the major problems you have identified might be different from those of other persons; you need not worry about it as this is bound to happen in the field of management.
This section is just a short concise statement of the problems you are attempting to solve in the remainder of the case. Half a page is adequate. Having identified the key problems, you can continually check back to ensure that you are actually attempting to solve them and not some other minor problems you identified. This section is very crucial to a good case report.
• Company’s mission statement
• Situational analysis and SWOT analysis
• Analysis of alternatives – Most problems will have a large number of possible solutions, it is your task to identify and evaluate a number of the more appropriate (at least 2-3 for each major problem identified). Each alternative solution should be briefly outlined and then evaluated in terms of its advantages and disadvantages (strong and weak points) for the stakeholders. Note: You must evaluate alternatives. Provide relevant theory or theories to explain the reasons for identifying these as problems and also practical solutions to the problems.
• Recommendation/solution – This section should state which of the alternative solutions (either singly or in combination) identified in the ‘Generation and Evaluation of Alternative Solutions’ section is recommended for implementation. You should briefly justify your choice, explaining how it will solve the major problems identified. Integration of relevant theory is appropriate here to substantiate
• References
You are required to incorporate at least ten recent periodicals (post 2005) in your report. All sources used in the report must be acknowledged in the correct manner. Please use only Harvard referencing format.

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