The reflection paper of a piece of Richard Estes’s work:

 The reflection paper of a piece of Richard Estes’s work:
       “Oriental Cuisine  (Color screen print)
                                               Richard Estes   1974


Research the history of the work.

  1. When did the artist create his/her most compelling works?
  2. Was the work created during transitional points in their career?
  3. How does the subject matter relate to or reflect the current social, political, and/or cultural issues?

Subject Matter.

  1. What is the subject matter?
  2. Why is the artist focusing on this particular subject or topic?
  3. How is it relevant?  Is it purely an objective, formal study or do the characters and objects that make up the composition symbolism a broader issue?

Formal Elements.

  1. How do the formal elements of the overall composition unite and/or contrast to create a visually dynamic piece?
  2. In what stylistic and/or expressive ways is the artist using relief, intaglio, or screenprinting techniques to create line, value, volume, shape, plane, scale, mass etc.
  3.  Are the techniques used to create a focal point, capture a mood and ultimately create a relationship between form and content?

Important notes to include:

  • Multiple layers of ink to produce dimension ( space)
  • Oil based ink( which is different from today’s water based ink
  • High saturated colors
  • The use of color theory( red, blue, green as the dominant tone)

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