The Self-Portraiture and Biography of Rembrandt

The Self-Portraiture and Biography of Rembrandt __ Creative title. __ Double-spaced. __ 12-point Times New Roman or comparable font. __ 1-inch margins. __ Approximately 2000 words. __ Numbered pages. __ Illustrations of selected artworks labeled with artist, title, medium, date, and current location. __ Clear, focused, and a debatable thesis statement that is located early in the paper. __ Short quotations are only used when absolutely essential to communicate an author’s unique idea. Quotation are analyzed, not used to replace the author’s own writing and analysis. __ At least seven (7) sources, outside of assigned course readings, are used.
Sources are scholarly books and/or academic articles __ Paper is thoroughly edited and is free of spelling and grammatical errors. __ All sources are cited in footnotes and listed in bibliography.