The subject of the integrative essay will be your “Family Biography;

The subject of the integrative essay will be your “Family Biography; you will give a sociological analysis and interpretation of a family experience For this assignment, you will write an “integrative essay,” designed to help you think about and integrate course concepts, theories and materials.  Please use APA or ASA citation formatting.
The topic for the essay is as follows:
In The Sociological Imagination, C. Wright Mills described sociology as the intersection of biography and history and defined the “sociological imagination” as the ability to see the connections between individual experiences (biography) and the larger socio-historical context of those experiences (history).
In this essay, you will exercise your sociological imagination by placing the experience of a typical middle class African american family in its larger socio-historical context.  How can cultural and historical contexts influenced African american families, the organization of family life, and the division of family roles?  What three sociological theories can be applied to your family?
Good essays will go beyond vague generalizations and use specific references to course materials and concrete examples from your family experiences to support your analysis.
Make sure that you construct and present your essay clearly. Please make sure that your essay contains the following components:
(a)      Introduction
(b)      Claims
(c)      Evidence
(d)      Analysis/Conclusions

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