The topic of this post is about Your Community Health Concern and Solution. In

The topic of this post is about Your Community Health Concern and Solution.


The topic of this post is about Your Community Health Concern and Solution.

In one single paragraph, answer all of the following:

A) What is the biggest (i.e., the number one priority) community health issue where you reside that needs to be addressed? Who does it affect? (Perhaps you can read the latest health news articles or contact your county health department for ideas).

B) What is currently being done to address this issue and by whom? Also, is it working and how do you know?

C) What ORIGINAL solution can YOU come up with to improve, enhance, or support a good outcome to this community health issue that IS NOT already being done, AND how would you know it was working (what would you do to test or measure the effectiveness of YOUR solution)?

In order to get full credit for this discussion post FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS PRECISELY:

1) Meaningfully and creatively answer ALL parts of EACH and EVERY question above (i.e., questions “A)”, “B)” and “C)” ) AND provide all your responses in one (1) SINGLE paragraph (not three separate paragraphs), directly in the discussion thread as a post. Do not respond in a separate attached file (e.g., word processing or text file), with a maximum of 85 words. You must write the number of words used in your paragraph and put this number within parentheses at the very end of your paragraph. *** Do not go over the word limit. (Up to 30 pts max awarded for adhering to these instructions)

For example,
“Sewage runoff leaking into the drinking water supply is my major concern. This affects the entire community of Orlando. The county health department and Orlando utility department are working on a filtration system to clean the water. According to their data, it is not working as planned. I would add a giant ozone purifier to the water coming out of the filtration system into the reservoirs. Daily monitoring of bacteria levels would indicate if the treatment was working. (79 words)”

2) After your word count for the paragraph, skip one (1) line and ONLY cite ONLY one (1) reference used to lend credibility or support for your writing. The citation must be in APA format.

3) Be mindful of grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Do not write like you are texting your bff or tweeting your feelings to the world. Believe that you are an industry professional, and write like one. Two (4) points will be deducted for each violation identified during my review of your work. Assignments found in excess of five (5) violations will receive zero (0) for the assignment.

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