“The Trojan Women” and “Troy Too” speak for justice.

Prompt:3 to 4 pages. I am interested in hearing your thoughts on how “Blues for Mr. Charlie,” “The Trojan Women” and “Troy Too” speak for justice. And, therefore, I would like you to compare and contrast the three plays. You may follow the suggestions below or choose your own way of writing about the plays. In any case, please make certain to include short quotes from the texts to support your statements.
We might ask: What have you learned about justice from reading these three plays? Compare/contrast the choices made by and the consequences of those choices for Richard Henry and Kassandra orRev. Meridian and Hecuba or Juanita and Andromache or Parnell and Talthybius. (You might find another pair of characters, one from each of the plays, you wish to use for your analysis) Lyle and Menelaus, for instance.
Due date: I would like it done before November 16 Words: doesn’t matter to me as long as it reaches 3-4 pages Format: double spaced, times new roman