There is a strict maximum word limit of 1250 words.


  1. There is a strict maximum word limit of 1250 words.


  1. Please include any diagrams, tables, figures or equations you think appropriate. These will not contribute to the word limit — nor will references or footnotes. All material should be included within a single document for submission.


  1. Students are expected to use the lecture handouts, and any text of their choice to help them.


  1. If you have difficulty drawing diagrams in Microsoft Word or other packages, photographing/scanning of hand drawn graphs and subsequent insertion as a picture file is perfectly acceptable.


  1. Use Harvard style referencing.


  1. Essays must be submitted by 10am on 5th March.


  1. How can we use Gross Domestic Product (GDP) to compare the standard of living across time and between countries? (15%)


  1. Discuss whether GDP per capita is a good measure of the standard of living. (15%)


  1. Using data for a developed and developing country of your choice, estimate how long it would take for the standard of living to double in each country. (25%)


  1. Evaluate whether there has been convergence or divergence in the standard of living between the countries. (45%)

The percentages above associated with the different parts of the question provide a guide as to how you should structure your answer in terms of sections.
Hints and Tips
1)Ensure your answer references the module material throughout the answer.
2)A careful re-reading of the material will be needed to ensure you approach these questions fully.
3)Use appropriate economic language and concepts. Put in roughly the amount of work and words to each section that the percentages suggest.
4)Don’t write everything you know about the subject, answer the question only.
5)I want you to write in a concise way, so avoid flowery language and an excess of ‘marketing speak.
6)For this coursework you don’t need to worry about formal referencing formats, but all source material should be acknowledged in the text and linked to in footnotes or endnotes.
You can download the data you need from

  1. Click the World Development Indicators database.
  2. Select the two countries you are interested in.
  • Click SERIES and select the GDP series you want to use.
  1. Click TIME and “Select all”.
  2. Download the data using the DOWNLOAD button at the top right of the page.

Please remember to write which series you are using as part of your answer to the question.