This assignment and grading rubric are based on the SPOT framework (Situation, P

This assignment and grading rubric are based on the SPOT framework (Situation, Problem, Opportunity, Tactic).
In this reflection paper you will identify a situation, problem, or opportunity related to your work with the Audio Partners case. Once identified, you will then recommend a tactic to address the situation, problem or opportunity. At this stage in the program, you may not yet have an appropriate tactic to fix or address the issue, but don’t let that stop you from pointing it out. As you progress through the program you may eventually find the right tactic to address it. This is to be 6 pages long and no AI content along with an introduction, conclusion and an
Here are definitions that can help you with the differences between situations, problems and opportunities:
Situation: a state of affairs that cannot be defined immediately as either good or bad but requires attention
Problem: a matter or situation regarded as requiring immediate attention as it is unwelcome and will cause harm if not dealt with.
Opportunity: a set of circumstances that make it possible to do something
For this reflection paper a Tactic is defined as an action or strategy planned to achieve a desired end.
The story implies a number of situations, problems, and opportunities that echo issues encountered.
As you read the story, it will become clear that the founders need competent business advice to transform their concept from an idea into a viable business plan—one with a high likelihood of operational viability, attractiveness to investors, and sustainable competitive success. You are to be that advisor.
Your ability to integrate recommendations across disciplines— spotting connections and dependencies—will increase as you move through the MBA core classes, and especially as you refine your fluency with strategic thinking, critical thinking, and systems. However, integrating your recommendations across disciplines is not required for this assignment. Rather, focus on the role examined in your course.
Depending on the content of your course, then, once you SPOT an issue you may need to either:
Define the issue as it relates to the course you are in. In this case Operations and Supply Chain Management. Is it a situation, a problem or opportunity?
If you have a tactic or strategy for what you spotted, you can then develop a recommended action. If you do not, move on to the next SPOT.

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