This class is about theology in HIV/AIDs

This class is about theology in HIV/AIDs
The requirement of the presentation:
A sustainable response to HIV/AIDS requires collective effort from multiple fronts studied in this course. Select only one of the following injustices and fully demonstrate how they create a fertile ground for the AIDS epidemic in a context of your choice and propose solutions rooted in social justice

  1. Identify an injustice: stigma and discrimination
  2. identify a context: Sexuality of Transgender people in San Francisco
  3. response/resolution

Do some research to explain the stigma and discrimination of Sexuality of Transgender people in San Francisco.
List one or two problem happened in san Francisco and the solution of those
Please find some data or graph.
Reference suggestion:

  1. Michael J. Kelly, HIV & AIDS: A Social Justice Perspective. Paulines, 2010


  1. Musa W. Dube & Musimbi Kanyoro (Editors) Grant Me Justice! HIV/AIDS and Gender Reading of the Bible (Women from the Margins) 2004.


  1. Kelly Brown Douglas, Sexuality and the Black Church: A Womanist Perspective, Orbis 1990.


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