This is a two-part assignment for cross-cultural psychology For this assignment

This is a two-part assignment for cross-cultural psychology
For this assignment

This is a two-part assignment for cross-cultural psychology
For this assignment, you need to interview someone from a culture that is different from yours. You will need to develop a set of questions and identify someone from a culture different from yours who is willing to be interviewed. You may be able to identify a student from a different country than yours in one of your classes. You could also ask a co-worker, neighbor, or someone in your circle of friends. The key criteria for whether your interviewee is appropriate is whether you can delineate how his or her culture differs from yours. This interview must be in person, not conducted by e-mail or telephone, or in a virtual setting, although you can follow up if needed in this way. The interview should last at least 30 minutes and be scheduled at the convenience of your interviewee. You can tell them the purpose of the interview (that is, to shed light on cultural values for a class project) and you can assure them that you will change their name for the sake of anonymity. Your paper should focus on differences in psychological processes (e.g., development processes like child rearing, cognition, attitudes toward mental illness and its treatment, etc.) between your culture and that of the person you are interviewing. Type your paper as a Word document with a heading and title, proofread for errors, and submit for this assignment. The paper will be 2-3 pages, double-spaced, in Times New Roman size 12 font.
Part 2
Each student is required to attend a cross-cultural event this semester. You should attend an event of a cultural group different from your own. The event can be sponsored by on-campus organizations or can be in the community (ex: cultural celebrations). If you are not sure about whether the event/experience you have chosen qualifies for this assignment, please see me for prior approval. After attending the event, you will need to write a 2-3 paged double-spaced paper (size 12 Times New Roman) that is thoughtful, clear, and free of grammatical errors. Your reflections should include 1. Description of activity and reasons why you selected it 2. Emotional and intellectual reactions (candid thoughts and emotions you had during the experience) 3. Discuss how this experience is connected to concepts (terms, theories, ideas, etc.) you have learned in class. 4. At least two things you learned, especially those that can help you with your future dealings (professionally and personally) with members of that cultural group.

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