Title: Online Marketplace Platform Project Description: Create an online marketp

Title: Online Marketplace Platform
Project Description:
Create an online marketp

Title: Online Marketplace Platform
Project Description:
Create an online marketplace platform where users can buy and sell various products. The platform will consist of a frontend built with React for the user interface and a backend built with Node.js for handling server-side logic and database operations. The project will involve implementing features for both buyers and sellers, as well as an admin panel for managing users, products, and orders.
Key Features:
User Authentication: Implement user authentication and authorization using JWT (JSON Web Tokens) for secure access to the platform.
Product Listings: Allow sellers to create, edit, and delete product listings with details such as title, description, price, category, and images.
Search and Filter: Implement search functionality to allow users to search for products by keyword and apply filters based on categories, price range, etc.
User Profiles: Create user profiles where users can view their personal information, listings (if they are sellers), and purchase history.
Shopping Cart: Implement a shopping cart feature where users can add products, update quantities, and proceed to checkout to complete their purchases.
Order Management: Allow users to view their current and past orders, including order status and tracking information.
Admin Panel: Develop an admin panel with authentication to manage users, products, orders, and categories. Admins should be able to perform CRUD operations on these entities.
Additional Features (Optional):
Messaging System: Implement a messaging system to facilitate communication between buyers and sellers.
Reviews and Ratings: Allow users to leave reviews and ratings for products they have purchased.
Recommendation Engine: Implement a recommendation engine to suggest products to users based on their purchase history and browsing behavior.
Responsive Design: Ensure the platform is fully responsive and optimized for various devices and screen sizes.
Frontend: React, React Router, Redux (for state management), HTML, CSS (with frameworks like Bootstrap or Material UI for styling).
Backend: Node.js, Express.js (for building RESTful APIs), MongoDB (or any other database of your choice, like PostgreSQL), Mongoose (for MongoDB ORM).
Authentication: JSON Web Tokens (JWT) for user authentication and authorization

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