Diversity in the Health Care Workforce
To prepare for this discussion, examine Case Study 67, “Diversity in the Health Care Workforce,” in your Cases in Health Care Management textbook, as assigned in this unit’s first study activity. Also, refer to the articles you have located through the research guide and the unit readings.
In your initial posting, address the following:
As the human resource manager in this case, address the issue of hiring the new business manager for the outpatient clinic within the framework of cultural competency, diversity, inclusion, and leadership.
Should cultural competency and community awareness be rated more highly and given greater importance than other qualifications in the hiring process?
What management, training, and leadership practices support a new manager and ensure that clinic programs and services are responsive to the needs of the community?
Health care organizations must engage the communities they serve, in order to improve cultural proficiencies and reduce health disparities. What is one community engagement strategy that leadership might employ in this scenario?
How does employing a diverse workforce contribute to and support effective leadership?
What leadership style or communication strategy might be employed to address the issues in this case?
Support your choices and position using at least one reference from one of the journal articles you found through your research guide, or in the readings assigned in the studies. Be sure you follow APA citation guidelines.
Discussion Specifications
Your initial discussion post must:
Be at least 250 words in length.
Contain a minimum of one reference or citation.
Follow APA guidelines.

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