Virtual Presentation

Virtual Presentation
This assignment assesses the following 4 course objectives:
– Engage in an exploration of various worldviews.
– Describe history, cultures, values, and aesthetics of self and others.
– Identify and explain multiple perspectives when exploring subjects within and across cultures.
– Analyze global events and issues and their interconnectedness through a narrative storytelling approach.
Assignment Prompt:
For this assignment, you will choose two different cultures (from 2 discrete countries) to compare using at least 2 representations of culture such as art, literature, music, film, or political systems.  You should attempt to compare and contrast the worldviews of these cultures.  What is a worldview?  Worldview is how the particular culture interacts with the world.  Worldview is how the values and views on human nature are represented to other cultures. You should seek to explain the differences but also how these cultures share some similarities – how are they connected in some ways?
Suggested Outline for Presentation:
I Introduction
a. Introduce yourself
b. Introduce your topic by identifying the 2 cultures you want to explore
c. Tell us why you chose the topic
II Two Cultures
a.  In the first part of the presentation, make sure to present the two cultures discretely
b. Emphasize 3-4 main ideas you want to present
III – VII or VIII: Explaining Values and Worldview
a. Make sure to use plenty of images
b. Focus on how values are represented through things like art, music, etc.
c. Try to account for differences in worldview
IX-X – Wrapping Up
a. Explain how you might relate to or understand these cultures
b. Comment on the importance of the cultural artifacts and how they reflect worldview
c. Leave the presentation with a discussion question that one of your peers can respond to
d, Make sure to thank listeners/viewers
*Remember that you must view/respond to the presentation of at least one of your class members!
The presentation will be graded on the following 5 elements:
Exploring Worldviews (10 points)
Engaging in an exploration of different worldviews
Describing Culture (10 points)
Describing worldwide cultures, their values, and their views on human nature
Identifying Perspectives (10 points)
Identifying and explaining multiple perspectives in a global context
Making Connections (10 points)
Analyzing global events and issues and their interconnectedness
Presentation Style (10 points)
The presentation is polished, uses strong images, is free of grammar/spelling errors, and has an appropriate discussion question to engage viewers. The presenter also responds to a presentation from a peer (necessary for full credit)
How to Submit:
Use this discussion board space to upload your virtual presentation. You will also comment on at least one presentation by someone else. Just click in the “reply” area of the discussion board to upload your presentation.
To create your presentation, you should use the Screencast software. You can access the software and the tutorial for using the software through these links:
Screencast  (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.
How to Use Screencast Click to view undefined
The software is simple to use, allowing you to develop a brief PowerPoint or Prezi and then record your voice comments as you click through your slides. The presentation does not need to be lengthy – it should be approximately 10-12 minutes – but it should adequately and clearly communicate the ideas you have developed in your paper. The presentation will need to be uploaded to the discussion board site either as a link from Screencast or as an MP4 file. (I strongly recommend the MP4 file)  You will also be required to respond to at least one other student’s presentation, commenting on the ideas presented and attempting to answer the discussion question presented at the end of the presentation

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