We have spent the semester in Texas Government exploring the interconnections b

We have spent the semester in Texas Government exploring the interconnections between people (like you!) and their (in this case, your!) government – those folks and institutions that craft the rules and regulations we all live under. Those interconnections range from the environment and culture of a place setting the parameters for understanding political choices; to the offices and institutions empowered to make rules AND the individual officials who inhabit those offices; to the policy process seeking to understand how people can influence policy, why particular choices are made, and how those choices might be different based on circumstance.Your task is to show me you understand these concepts. Craft the Texas Citizen’s Handbook – your guide for a Texas resident on what they need to know to influence government and policymaking in Texas. That’s it. That’s the guidance. If you prefer, you might consider it as “what are the most important things for a citizen to know or remember in order to engage with the political system?” or “what do I, as a college student, need to know or do to engage with the system?” — just be sure you develop the explanations for why and how those items or ideas are the most important.
The choices you make in coverage, both breadth and depth, should be based on YOUR understanding of the political system, how it works, and the mechanisms for individual involvement. If you want to take the perspective of a particular person with a particular cause, that’s fine. If you want to go more general, that’s fine, too. Level of detail is important here, and you should be sure that the information you convey is both accurate and sufficiently complete to convey that you understand what you are talking about and know the political theories and processes.
The rest should be familiar: How you choose to convey that info is up to you. It seems to me that one could certainly compile that info into a paper and be fine. It also seems like the sort of thing that really would lend itself nicely to a pamphlet, website, or something similar that blends written and graphical qualities. PowerPoint or similar, All fair game.
Written work will process through TurnItIn just for safety sake. Standard reminder that I don’t take TurnItIn on face; if there are issues flagged, I will investigate them independently and see if there is actually a problem or just TurnItIn being overly sensitive.
Outside materials, if used, should be appropriately cited in whatever format you are most comfortable with

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