Weekly Assignment: Aggression PART I: Simply bully behavior? Bullies can be a hu

Weekly Assignment: Aggression
PART I: Simply bully behavior?
Bullies can be a hu

Weekly Assignment: Aggression
PART I: Simply bully behavior?
Bullies can be a huge problem in schools, and may even lead to aggressive behavior later in life. Do a search on the Internet on bullying, and see what you can find. Answer the following questions:
What are some characteristics of bullies?
Do bullies tend to target a certain “type” of person? Explain your response.
What are some ways to prevent bullying?
PART II: You will be watching a series of videos that highlight physiology and aggressive behavior:
This video is only a few minutes, but it shows research findings in animals
Mapping aggression in the brain | Science NewsLinks to an external site.
This video highlights aggression in humans:
The Anatomy of a Violent BrainLinks to an external site.
Here is a video from Michael Stone from Columbia University:
The Neurobiology of EvilLinks to an external site.
This is a silly video but highlights specific individuals from the past and examines why they behaved aggressively. You should now have a better understanding of why treatments might have been effective:
The Amygdala: Fear, Anxiety and AggressionLinks to an external site.
Here are current examples of CTE in former boxers and football players
How Repeated Concussions Damage Your Brain ForeverLinks to an external site.
What are the main ideas in EACH OF THE FIVE videos?
What are some explanations for why people behave aggressively?
Do these videos give insight to why individuals with CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy) such as football players, boxers, etc. might show aggressive symptoms after injury? Explain your response.
What did you find most interesting? Why?
What might be a useful environmental influence that might help to reduce a person’s aggressive behavior? One video mentioned this. Why is that technique effective? Be specific.
Do you think the government should intervene to permanently control the aggressive behavior of a violent criminal? Explain your response.
The etiology of behavior could be biology or the environment. Thus, many things could explain why a person is behaving aggressively. If a person was behaving aggressively toward you, would it matter the reasons why he/she was behaving in that manner? Explain your response.

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