What is utilitarianism?

5 short answer question and one essay question What controversial move did the Stanford bosses make in 1990? Why did they do it? Question 2 20 pts What sorts of sexism are the target of Bartlett and O’Barr’s essay?
Give an example. Question 3 20 pts What is utilitarianism? Question 4 20 pts What is practical reason? What do “maxims” have to do with it? Question 5 20 pts According to Kant, moral rules are those that one can will to be universal laws. Consider the rule: “Lie to others whenever possible in order that they may be deceived about the truth.”
Can one will this to be a universal law? Explain. Question 6 50 pts Discuss Kant and Mill vis-a-vis the thesis of consequentialism: Why does Mill’s utilitarianism count as a consequentialist theory? What makes Kant’s theory a non-consequentialist theory? Finally, consult your intuition: Does consequentialism seem plausible to you? Or should we reject it?