Why should slang be avoided in legal writing? 2. What is the difference between a comma and semicolon?

Part-1 1. Why should slang be avoided in legal writing? 2. What is the difference between a comma and semicolon? 3. What is the difference between a comma and semicolon? 4. Why is subject-verb agreement important when formulating a sentence? 5. The United States Supreme Court decisions are binding on all inferior courts of the country; yet several times in its history, the Supreme Court has reversed itself on its prior decisions. How are inferior courts to rely upon Supreme Court decisions if they are reversed from time to time? 6. Article Three of the United States Constitutions establishes the judicial power of the United States and specifically states its power shall be vested in one Supreme Court. The United States Constitution went into effect in 1790, when the population of the United States consisted of approximately four million people. Our population now exceeds three hundred million. Can you make a case for the need for additional Supreme Courts? 7. Explain in a detail the enumerated powers in each of the first three Articles of the United States Constitution. Part – 2 You are a highly-skilled paralegal who has been employed for decades in a large, prestigious law firm. One of your functions is to mentor newly-admitted attorneys. Abby, who just passed the State Bar Exam and was sworn in as an attorney last week, has been assigned to you to mentor on many things, but mostly the skill of employing proper legal citations. Abby has been identified by her law school professors as weak in that area and welcomes your assistance in helping her improve her skills with legal citations. Abby’s current legal writing style is stiff, unnecessarily ambiguous, and difficult to understand, and she consistently uses improper legal citations in the correspondence, complaints, pleadings and legal briefs. Currently, there is a trend in the law toward the use of simplicity or plain English in legal writing. ● How would you begin your training with Abby and convince her to simplify her writing style so as to achieve more clarity in her writing? ● How would you instruct her on the Bluebook method of citation? If Abby rejects the Bluebook method as too cumbersome, how would you impart upon her its importance? Part-3 How does the sound of Renaissance music differ from that of the Middle Ages? In response to your peers, can you cite a musical example from the text to defend your opinion?

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